Sunday, May 11, 2008

What is an artist book?

There is an amazing art form that is taking hold of the art world. It is known as artist books. I can't say enough good things about them. In their highest form they are the best combination of content, structure and materials the artist can create. They are not just books, they are 3 dimensional art. Here are some links to offer more detailed explanations:
Artists' books are exceptionally varied and creative by their very nature. The complex medium employs the book, in any of its various guises (scroll, codex, fold-out or single sheet boxed, to name but a few forms of books) as an original work of art. They usually integrate the formal means of conception and production with aesthetic or thematic aspects. Artists' books are considered unique works of art in one-of-a-kind or small edition multiples. Some now are mass produced. The variety of its form makes the artist book difficult to define. The twentieth century witnessed particularly varied and creative experimentation with artists' books culminating with an expansion of the medium in the '60 and '70s. California became a center of production.
Today artist books are everywhere. I look forward to sharing tons more about artist books, including featuring my favorites, in the future.

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