Thursday, June 05, 2008

handy homekeeping books

I made three little books yesterday. Three helpful little books. They are not my usual type (these are comb-bound) but they are really handy.Lady Lydia had a great idea that I had to try. These books are little homekeeping books. They are a simple type of planner. What I am so crazy about is:
  • the comb binding (my left handedness loves that it opens flat for writing)

  • the cute papers (I am very visual)

  • the blank pages just begging for doodling and other artwork each day

  • the customization

  • the small size (5X7)
  • it used materials I have on hand, so they didn't cost another dime

  • my ability to change papers out as I need to

  • the laminated covers and dividers should wear well

Here's a look at my little tabbed pages. I eyeballed and cut out the tabs and labeled them with a Sharpie after they were laminated so I could change the topics if I wanted. Right now they are Prayer, Home, School and Etc.

Now I can start each day with a clean slate, er, paper. I can make notes, circle things, make notes of all kinds so I don't forget things (maybe). So you may ask why I don't just use something electronic. I have a PDA. This makes me happy, the PDA does not. I also have a big paper planner. It is too bulky for my diaper bag (which doubles as my purse). This little book keeps all my thoughts and notes in one handy place. And hey, look at the title of this blog. I'm a little bit into making books.

And my girls chose the papers for their own little books. They are so different! And I added some ribbons to the spines as well.

The idea is that they will have a place for scheduling their day, keeping notes of all kinds and generally developing skills for caring for home and family. Who doesn't need a lovely little book for keeping notes and memories in?

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UberArt said...

Sometimes it's fun just to mix things up a bit doing something different! I really like your little planners! I am a fan of paper myself and don't do well with electronic organizers either.