Thursday, April 23, 2009

In art, bigger really is better

These days in the art community there is a wonderful movement that strives to get back to handcrafted, placing a premium on pieces that are brimming with the artist's personality. I agree, I much prefer the one-of-a-kind over the mass produced. I prefer smaller pieces that are well done over larger pieces that lack detail. That said, there are some things about your art that are better bigger.

Bigger Dreams. Goal setting is important, but don't forget your dreams in the day to day. When you are afraid, reach even higher.
Bigger Quality. How can you improve on your quality?
Bigger Knowledge. Take a class. Call a mentor. Read a book. Get into the studio and experiment. It is amazing how learning will spark the creative juices. Learn something new already!
Bigger Reputation. What do you want people to say when your name is mentioned? Make every effort to keep your word, ship on time and offer value every chance you can get.
Bigger Body of Work. Keep on growing. Keep on reaching. Keep on working.The most successful artists are the ones who are faithful to work work work.
Bigger Circle of Friends. Get out there and make sincere connections. Not just for your career but for your sanity. Friends keep you honest, give your ego a healthy boost and make sure you keep some balance. But adding to your professional Rolodex doesn't hurt either.
Bigger Heart. Be generous with your information. Offer freebies. Donate profits or do work to sell for charity. People love people who aren't afraid to share their knowledge with them.

These things, added up, will add up to a fulfilling artistic career. And all that will translate into bigger dollars, but all the other "biggers" will ensure that your increasing profits are not temporary, but a natural, permanent growth. And that bigger is definitely better.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love spending time in the studio just seeing what happens. Most often, it's a discovery!

Anna-Marie said...

I think I accidentally deleted the following post from quinncreative. Sorry!

Hey Anne-Marie--
Not busting chops at all. Just being careful and up-front. When I did art shows, I did a number of religious conventions. I always mentioned that I wasn't Christian in my application. Some conventions were inclusive, others thought it violated the purpose of their convention. Totally up to them.

I loved the comment about praying to win. That was funny! I rarely pray for personal gain, but it may be worth it. Those brass rules are very cool!

Anna-Marie said...

...and about praying for personal gain. If Christians would spend more time in prayer for others' needs instead of their own I believe the world would be a better place.

And these rules really are cool. :) Even if you don't win you should totally buy some.